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Embodia: Home Exercise Prescription



What is the cost of acquiring a new patient versus keeping an existing patient?


Exercise Prescription ProgramIt is always easier and cheaper to keep an existing patient than it is to acquire a new one.


How do you keep your patients coming back?


Research shows that patients want to feel heard, understood and supported. You do this extremely well in clinic when you are with your patients, but how do you continue the relationship between appointments? With an exercise handout that’s been photocopied 459 times?


That’s what I used to do and it’s why I built Embodia.


To engage my patients between their sessions, provide high quality content that they love and empower them to continue even when the going gets rough in rehab because we all know the path to recovery isn’t linear.



The non linear image of recovery [Home Exercise Program (2)]



We help you maintain a reliable and predictable stream of patients rebooking.

Embodia Home Exercise Program Product Image

We keep you front and center between your patients appointments. Provide your patients with a professional, branded app with their personal home exercise program in one convenient spot.



Let me tell you a short story.


In 2014 one of my patients said to me: “I need to be honest with you. I’m not doing my exercises.”

And with that, she handed me back the paper handout of exercises I had just made for her.

I looked up at my patient, a mother of two, working full-time as a consultant, dressed in lululemons with her smartphone in one hand and a soy latte in the other.

Was I really giving her generic instructions with stick figure drawings? On a paper handout she’ll lose before even getting home? I suddenly felt a bit silly.

"She’s right," I thought to myself. "This isn’t working."

I realized that the paper handouts, random videos I would take on her phone, and emails I sent occasionally were not enough to compete in this day and age. She is used to accessing everything on her phone and I was providing a sub-par patient experience by using old, outdated methods.

The world around us is rapidly changing and our patient expectations are changing too.

Everything is mobile. If you’re not using it, well, you’re losing to the competition.

How much time do you think your patients spend on their phones? 2 hours a day? 4 hours? 12 hours??

This is wasted opportunity. You could be sitting on their phone right alongside Uber, Facebook and Starbucks. A quick tap away from you popping up with a professional video of their personal rehabilitation exercise and words of encouragement. A gentle reminder that you are their trusted practitioner who is there to support them between their appointments.

We genuinely care about helping people get better. To continue doing that well, we need to meet them where they are - on their smartphones. Incorporating technology into our practice is no longer a nice to have, it is a must have. It allows us to provide the best possible care to our patients while making our own jobs easier.

Embodia is built for physios by physios, and every PT using it is thrilled at how EASY it makes their job, and how much their patients LOVE it.



 Katie M. Home Exercise Program

Katie M

Having access to Embodia video clips for each of the exercises has been extremely helpful. It almost feels like your personal PT has come to visit you daily! My physio has been able to remind me of the little details that make a difference in practicing the exercises.




Bill Rutsey 




Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Embodia was a reassuring extension of my physiotherapist that truly helped me through the rough days of my recovery. Recovering from multiple pelvic fractures was a painful, slow process. The Embodia app made it less lonely. The friendly exercise time reminder and progress tracker helped me feel linked to my physiotherapist. It was encouraging.



What if I'm not tech savvy?


Don’t worry - we’ve worked with thousands of practitioners and clinics to get them up and running. We have tons of training videos, helpful tools and a customer support team that’s always here to help you! 

Here’s what you need to do. Click below and activate your first month! During this month, we will setup a discovery call with you at no charge to learn about your practice and we can help you. We will train you on how to use Embodia with your patients PLUS you will become an Embodia member which also means you get a library of online courses for FREE, discounts on our library of paid courses and so much more.


Join us and thousands of practitioners across the country!

Welcome to Embodia - we are looking forward to serving you and your patients.


 Carolyn Vandyken Pelvic Health Solutions

Carolyn Vandyken:


Remember how resistant I was at first? Now, I can’t imagine working without

it. It has changed my practice for the better, and my patients love the app! Embodia has made it so easy to make the transition to digital sharing of exercises for patients and knowledge for clinicians.



Kate Smith Wellspring Home Exercise Program

 Kate Smith

R. Kin., MSc. Onc, Manager of Physical and Functional Program, GTA Centres Wellspring

The Embodia app for home exercise prescription is easy to use for clients as well as the practitioner and it’s a wonderful tool to encourage continued and consistent exercises that are specifically prescribed for the users. The app is also very user friendly to utilize the education and instructional modules for practitioners.


Sara K. Home Exercise Program


Sara K.


Thank you Embodia! It's proven to be one of a few apps I rely on the most in my practice. Embodia really saves me a lot of time every single day and my patients LOVE it!


Robyn Synnott 


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