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Top Tech Tools to Improve Efficiency for Your Practice During COVID and Beyond

Many healthcare professionals have taken the technological leap of faith during COVID. But there are so many online tools to choose from, how do you know which are best? Today's blog will help clear up some of the fog as we discuss the top tech tools to help your business thrive and organize during COVID and beyond.

Let's Take Our Practices Online! Telerehabilitation Can Transform Rehabilitation

Are you still on the fence about using telerehab? Are you getting everything you can out of it? There is considerable emerging evidence for the effectiveness of telerehabilitation. It is also a great tool that facilitates the application of integrative rehabilitation and empowered patient-centred care. Learn more about telerehab with us today.

Understanding Remapping Exercises - Decreasing the Sensitivity of the Nervous System

Body mapping exercises for patients to follow along with video and audio descriptions of exercises for meditation, body awareness, and mind-body exercises by Carolyn Vandyken

Your Female Athlete Patients With Pelvic Pain Can Perform High-Intensity Exercises Pain Free Too!

You are already a good therapist or fitness professional. You already change people’s lives. But you want to be better. This blog and the transformational course it is based on will radically challenge your beliefs and teach you how to treat your pelvic pain female athlete patients so that they are training as hard as they want to, pain-free!

Top Tech Tools for Rehabilitative Healthcare Professionals

Are you a rehabilitative professional? Did you start using telerehab during COVID? It wasn't so bad, right?! Maybe you even enjoyed it! Today's blog will discuss some of the top tech tools for the rehabilitative healthcare professional. These tools are not only convenient and easy to use but will also improve your patient outcomes. Welcome to the future, we are overjoyed to have you here with us!

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Is Excruciating and Often Undiagnosed. Can You Identify and Treat It?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is excruciating and far too often goes undiagnosed. Do you feel confident in your ability to assess and treat CRPS? In this blog and corresponding course, Bahram Jam, founder and director of Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) discusses how to identify and treat CRPS. This blog also gives you a glance into how those living with CRPS feel.

Prep Course for the Virtual Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE)

For a lot of you PCE candidates, this has been a whirlwind of a year. First, the exam was on, then it wasn't, then it was in person. And now here we sit, facing the first-ever, virtual PCE. In this blog, we give you key points and tools that will help you pass your practical component with flying colours. We believe in you!

The Future Is Female! Why It's Good For Business That Women Are Neurologically Different Than Men

Are you a rehabilitative professional? Join us today to learn about the gender gap in healthcare and business and what the future holds. Women are neurologically different and we need that perspective for better research and better products. Today we're celebrating all of the female physiotherapy continuing education instructors we work with for International Women's Day.

Filing Taxes in Canada During COVID: A Guide for the Rehabilitative Practitioner

Are you a rehabilitative practitioner in Canada? Do you have questions about what business expenses you can deduct? Would you like to how taxes are different this year due to COVID? Unsure if you are a contractor or an employee? Wondering if a sole-proprietorship or incorporating is best? Daniel Toma, a chartered accountant in Toronto answers these questions and more!

Technical Skills Affect Patient Outcomes by Only 15%! Improve Your Patient Outcomes by Improving Your Interpersonal Skills

Do you want to improve your patient outcomes? This blog, and the course it is based on, How to Develop Communication, Empathy, and Power Skills to Optimize Patient Outcomes, will teach you how you can develop communication, empathy and soft skills to optimize your patient outcomes and improve your interpersonal relationships in your professional and personal life.

New Healthcare Innovations Are Here! Don't Get Left Behind!

COVID made us realize that the healthcare system has been broken for a long time. The future of healthcare is patient-centred and technologically integrated. Learn more about the future, today; it has room for all of us. Stay ahead of the curve and be a part of the innovators designing the future so that it is one you can be proud of.

Stop Thought Viruses With Pain Science to Improve Patient Outcomes

Are you a manual therapist? Do you break up fascia or scar tissue? Well, pain science is here to tell you that unless you are superhuman, you likely cannot do that! Check out today's blog, based on Dr. Erson Religioso's course, Integrating Manual Therapy and Patient Education: Transform Passive Care into Active Care. This blog and course will help you increase compliance and patient outcomes!

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