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Functional Nutrition For Chronic Pain

Functional Nutrition For Chronic Pain

Functional Nutrition For Chronic Pain

Do you see patients continually struggling with pain and not making measurable improvements with traditional treatments?

Are you frustrated with not being able to do more for your patients and help them go through each day without experiencing pain and discomfort?

If so, this course will change how you treat your patients – helping them to heal faster and actually become and stay pain-free.


  • Discover how to integrate functional nutrition for pain and chronic disease into your practice
  • Identify the root cause of patient pain and assess patients and clients holistically
  • Increase your referrals and generate higher revenues for your practice

New research into chronic pain has taught us more about what pain is, how the body is designed to heal itself, and how inflammation is linked to chronic pain and the majority of non-communicable diseases.

How do I know this will change your practice – and your care of patients – for the better? When I began implementing functional nutrition strategies alongside therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, and pain education, my patients experienced relief much sooner and remained pain-free long term.

In order to help patients heal from chronic pain, and manage other non-communicable diseases, it is critical to recognize the whole person when implementing treatment strategies.

As a practitioner, you already have a lot on your plate. But learning to integrate nutritional advice into your typical treatment plan and understanding the role nutrition plays in effective pain care takes much less time than you may imagine.

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