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Resistance Training in the Adolescent Population

Resistance Training in the Adolescent Population

Resistance Training in the Adolescent Population

Feb 15, 2023 - 19:00 (EST)
1 hour

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This webinar will review current recommendations for physical activity for youth and adolescents with a focus on resistance training recommendations.

The discussion will be framed through the long-term athletic development model with different training modalities appropriate for each age. We will consider the best evidence for dosing of resistance training as well as the role it can play in the rehabilitation setting.

Best practices advocate that muscle-strengthening activities should be an integral part of athletic development and this course will lay out a framework to implement this into a training program.

Join Derek Miles and the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for this live webinar 'Resistance Training in the Adolescent Population'.


  1. The attendee will be able to communicate physical activity guidelines and the role of resistance training in meeting those guidelines.
  2. The attendee will be able to modify training programs to meet an athlete where they are at in terms of development, athletic ability, and specific tissue needs.
  3. The attendee will be able to integrate resistance training for common orthopedic injuries with a focus on volume and intensity of training.



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Webinar Details:

  • Date: Feb 15, 2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm EST
  • Speaker: Derek Miles PT, DPT


Speaker Bio: 

Derek Miles, PT, DPT, is a residency-trained physical therapist currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a part of the rehabilitation team at Barbell Medicine working with the general population and high-level athletes on return to sport.

Prior he worked at Stanford Children’s Heal as the Advanced Clinical Specialist in the rehabilitation department. He also worked at the University of Florida for 10 years in sports medicine, treating a variety of athletic injuries from overuse to post-operative. He is involved in the peer-reviewed process for academic journals and has spoken at national-level conferences within the physical therapy profession on topics from the utilization of resistance training in the rehabilitation of endurance athletes to post-operative hip progressions.

His primary area of focus at this point is on encouraging youth to be active and dispelling myths around resistance training in this population.


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