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Introducing Embodia U for Educators
By: Luka Plazonic

We, at Embodia, have been busy at work. We’ve been adding new features to our platform, enhancing your experience, and releasing new courses and content. We’ve maximized our Private Academy where clinics can focus on developing a unique clinic culture as they streamline the onboarding process and provide continuing education to enhance the personal growth of their clinics’ team members. We’ve also successfully helped clinics and individuals launch their Clinic Academy on Embodia where they can sell courses, provide value to their community and continue to expand their reach to new patients. 

With all this said, we also have one more exciting extension to the Embodia ecosystem; introducing Embodia U.

We are always looking to identify and solve problems in the rehabilitative healthcare space. Serving the needs of healthcare professionals drives innovation at Embodia! Late last year, we concluded that we need to take a step further and focus on the up and coming healthcare professionals who are students today, and the healthcare professionals of tomorrow. We want to engage with students who are ready to embrace technology and who want to use technology to provide a higher level of care for their patients and clients. Hence, we launched Embodia U.


What is Embodia U?

Embodia U is an interactive and dynamic platform used by educators and students in post-secondary institutions including colleges and universities. The platform is designed for students to use real-world programs to immerse themselves in technology, which they will use once they graduate and are treating real patients. 


How does it help students?

On Embodia U, students can express their knowledge by designing and distributing home exercise programs. Students can: 

  • Add test (fake) patients to their account
  • Upload exercises that they have created either in video format or written with images,
  • Choose a combination of different exercises to prescribe to their test patents for their respective use-cases, and
  • Outline parameters such as daily frequency, duration of the program, conducted on specific days of the week or all days of the week, number of sets and reps, if there are any holds or resistance equipment needs, and finally add additional notes about the program for their test patients to follow. 

This entire process allows students to fully understand how technology can be used to support their professional career while adding to the standard of care for their patients. 


How does it help educators?

Now shifting to the educator’s point of view, Embodia U will save you tons of time as you monitor your students and grade their performance in your course. On Embodia U, educators can monitor students based on the exercises they have uploaded, review programs that students have prescribed to their test patients, and really gauge students' understanding of different concepts that they have learned in your course. Educators can use tags on Embodia U to assign a daily, weekly, or monthly assignment to students so that each student can create a home exercise program and mark that specific program to your respective tag. An example of this can look like the following: 

Jane Doe, an educator, has weekly assignments for her students where she wants to review home exercise programs that are relevant to different parts of the body. In week 1, students will be learning about the back and how different movements support various functions. Jane asks her students to create an exercise program designed to alleviate back pain and assigns it to the tag labeled “Week-1_Back”. Students will then learn about the back and how different exercises will help in correcting back pain throughout that week. 

Students will then film themselves performing exercises on their phones as they talk about the movements in the video for each exercise. Students will create multiple exercise videos to upload to their Embodia account or choose from a list of exercises already available on Embodia. Students will then choose a combination of exercises to add to a program, define the parameters, and add the tag “Week-1_Back”. 

Now let’s say that this assignment is due Monday at noon. You as an educator can log into your account, see all of the submissions from all of your students, and lock the program so that students can no longer make additional changes to their program. This way you can review the programs and grade your student’s work. Thus saving you tons of time as an educator while allowing your students to master technology for their careers.


Is Embodia U right for “U”

We’ve helped many students, educators, and institutions as they continue to grow. Current users of Embodia U include Niagara College and Sault College. Embodia also serves 26,000 rehabilitation and fitness professionals, 300 continuing education instructors, and 200+ clinics across 5 continents We would love to meet with you to discuss your institution, student body, current needs, and determine if Embodia U is the right fit for your program. During the meeting, we will also demo the platform so you can directly see the platform in action as you engage with our team to review questions and answers. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Book your discovery session with the team at Embodia to determine if Embodia U is the right fit. You can select a date and time here.

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